Establishment of the Firm

During early seventies one young engineer registered Building Design Associates (BDA) as a proprietorship firm in June 1974 with the aim to offer Consulting Engineering Services in Architectural Design and Planning, Civil, Structural, Electrical, Sanitary and Plumbing, Engineering, Interior Design and Landscape Development.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Initially it was offered Planning & Design of Hotels and Buildings of Tourist importance in Kathmandu & Lukla. Consequently, after a short time, the firm realized the need of Multidisciplinary approach and diversified its activities into various fields of engineering like Agriculture, environment and socioeconomic as well as other research and development services.

The firm was converted to private limited Company in June 18, 1989. Although,
The firm has diversified to more disciplines including socio-economic, its name still gave an Impression to its client as if the consulting company did work only in the field of Buildings. Hence the company renamed itself on BDA nepal (p) ltd on Feb 20, 1997. The New name still, retains its original initials stressing the fact that the company’s overall aim remains as usual, to impart consultancy services in multidisciplinary fields and maintain continuity.

National Image

In the national scene, BDA nepal has established respectable position as a national consultant.
Who could be entrusted with different engineering jobs in the capacity of a prime consultant.

BDA nepal has giving its careful consideration to the survey and analysis of socioeconomic, environmental and institutional aspects and incorporation of the pertinent conclusions in the
Project frameworks to achieve success.

Except exercising the business and professional ethics, BDA nepaI helps in promoting itself in the consulting industry of Nepal.


BDA nepal is one of the founder member of (SCAEF) the Society of Consulting Architectural and Engineering Firms of Nepal and is very active in the promotion of professional engineering norms, standards and ethics. BDA nepal is also the member of FIDIC & TCDPAP.

Work Policy

The policy of the Firm is very much particular to assign the overall responsibility in every project
To one of its Directors, or to one of the senior in-house specialists, who has a long experience of
Working as per the quality assurance programmed of the firm.
Association/Collaboration with other firms
BDA nepal strongly believes in professional development of the national consulting industry through the formation of joint ventures and association with other International and Nepalese consulting firms for undertaking particular projects. We believe that, this leads to the best way to pull resources in more concentrated manner and provides the client all the needed service under one consolidated team.

About the firm

The company is an all Nepalese, full time organization with its own staff including engineers, Architects, surveyors, soil scientist, computer operator, quantity surveyors and Administrative staff. A board of directors comprising 4 members manages it. One amongst them
acts as Managing Director to run the day to day affairs of the company. Depending on the work Load when the company at a time may be more involved, broadly among its directors one member Individually looks after Building & Architectural works; Business Promotion, Client relation, Administration and Finance is the responsibility of second member. Water Resources related Activities are entrusted to a third member, whereas another director looks into valuation and construction supervision. However BDA does not believe in tight distribution works where one
Member remains unaware to what another does. Job sharing as well as internal co-operation has always been guiding principal of the company.

Besides its full time directors and regular technical as well as administration staff who conduct
company’s activities, BDA has associates to help the firm in individual technical matters. These
persons are available on full time basis whenever required by the firm.

Additionally, the company also has arrangement to use the services of a large number of Resource Consultants in the field of Irrigation, Socio-economic, Agriculture, Forestry, Rural Water Supply, Industrial feasibility, Rural Electrification, Transmission line, Ropeway, Road & Trails, and Bridge Engineering, etc.

BDA, as far as possible tries to meet the requirements through its in-house facility in fulfilling the client demand. To ensure its clients the best quality services and excellent end – product it does not hesitate to seek outside expertise too. knowing fully well that specialized jobs require experts of similar capability.

Staff facilitation
BDA maintains usual standard of social benefits including paid leaves, provident fund, gratuity and Dasain pay to its permanent staffs including bonus. It also pays for medical and personal Accident insurance. Overtime is paid at liberal rates.